Miffy Lamp comes with its LED features and adorable essence

Rabbit Miffy Lamp by Dick Bruna_1

Children oriented decor is gradually gaining acceptance among the mainstream scope of home oriented designs. In that regard, we have previously harped about the Adventure Time themed bedroom. And, now we have come across the charming Miffy Lamp. Inspired by the small yet cute rabbit Miffy (a creation of Dutch author and illustrator Dick Bruna), the adorable LED mechanism with its soft white features is a perfect accompaniment to your child’s bedroom.

Miffy’s (Nijntje in Dutch) minimalist yet distinct illustration has been used in numerous commercial items including toys, clothes and stationery materials. And, it is this simple nature of the rabbit’s portrayal that translates onto the delectable essence of the lamp.

Finally, coming to the Miffy Lamp’s functional specifications, the polyethylene constructed mechanism comprises of energy efficient LED with a 5-step dimmer. This regulatory feature of the dimmer makes the soft glow from the lamp ideal for those story telling sessions and also as a night light.

Rabbit Miffy Lamp by Dick Bruna_2 Rabbit Miffy Lamp by Dick Bruna_3 Rabbit Miffy Lamp by Dick Bruna_4

Dimensions – LxWxH = 16 x 16 x 31 (in inches).

Price – €209 (around $272)

Via: Mrmaria

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