Bottle Opener/Fridge Magnet doesn’t waste your precious ‘beer time’

Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet_1

Summer is coming, and there are so many sporting events, TV shows and movies to catch! It would surely be blasphemy to let your cold beer get warm on account of not being able to find the bottle opener in time. Well, worry not; some folks from SUCK UK have ingeniously devised a bottle opener that can be affixed to your beer source – i.e., the fridge. The magnetic contraption attaches itself to the refrigerator door, and voila; no more wasting time to find that dastardly opener.

The Bottle Opener/Fridge Magnet is finished with a reflective polished surface, thus endowing a nifty little detail to your usually bland fridge. And, the best part is – the magnet is sufficiently strong to make the gizmo a permanent fixture on the door facade. This means, you can use the weight of the fridge to easily pry off the bottle lid, as opposed to exerting pressure on your other hand.

Of course, the magnetic credential of the Bottle Opener/Fridge Magnet also means that you can detach it from the door when you feel like it. However, we are not too sure that you would do that, given the product is available in some groovy colors like white and red, in addition to the aforementioned silvery finish.

Bottle Opener Fridge Magnet_2

Buy – £15 (around $25).

Via: CraftBeerTime

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