Wine Dock brings Smartphone and wine glass together for a relaxing experience

Wine Glass Holder and Smartphone Dock Speaker_1

Nothing relaxes you more than having a glass of wine and listening to music on your Smartphone or Mp3 player. Getting such a relaxing position becomes tough when there is no suitable outdoor furniture, especially when you are out on a beach, to place your Smartphone and a glass of wine. If you love to enjoy your drinks while enjoying your favorite music, the innovative Wine Dock, a combo of wine glass holder and docking station with speaker, can be the right accessory for you relaxed in comfort.

Compatible with most Smartphones, including iPhone 6, 6+ and Galaxy, the multifunctional accessory is sure to make your outdoor hanging outs a better experience. Designed to hold two glasses of wine at a time, the smart accessory also works as a passive speaker that can naturally enhance the volume of your Smartphone or MP3 player. The best part of this product is its three-legged design made of steel legs that plunge in the ground to give it stability.

This docking station cum speaker is a portable accessory, which makes it super easy to carry with you to all your outdoor adventures, so that you could enjoy your favorite tracks with a glass of wine or whatever pleases you. When assembled, it measures 28 inches tall and only 12.5 inches when not in use or lying disassembled within its stylish carry bag.

This superb docking station and speaker also works best with almost all MP3 players. Whether speaker is at the back, side, or top of your MP3 player, you are supposed to put it in an upside down position in the dock. In short, the Wine Dock is a perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics, thanks to rustic wooden top and steel legs that ensure a stylish look.

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