Briggo’s Coffee Haus combines smart technology with coffee making

briggo coffee haus robot

It is not often that we come across the scopes of robotics and coffee making in a single undertaking. However, Texas-based company Briggo has ingeniously combined these two avenues into their Coffee Haus conception. Envisaged as a ‘smart’ coffee making contraption that is installed in the Austin campus of University of Texas, the design has the ability to promptly grind and brew various types of coffee according to the personal preference of the customer.

In other words, the automated coffee machine can serve up various coffee concoctions like espressos and mochas exactly as per the user’s choice and selection of the specifications. So, how exactly does the ambit work? Well, the users can place their orders via the touchscreen present on the Coffee Haus or through a dedicated website that can accessed from your mobile devices. In both of the cases, the user interface acts as the definitive element; it allows you to regulate on how your brew should be prepared, while also having save drink order and pre-purchasing options.

And, if you thought that was all; the Coffee Haus notches up on its cloud credentials by notifying the user (by text) when their coffee is done, and also showing the nearest location of the machine from their current position.

So, at the end of the day, the scope is all about the customer taking the control of their coffee ingredients and taste, as opposed to relying on coffee makers from local coffee shops. Briggo is also planning on making the Coffee Haus more accessible to the smartphone crowd by developing apps for both iOS and Android.

Via: Briggo

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