5 amazing Steampunk coffee machines to kick off your day

You have to say – there are some uncanny similarities between the workings of a steam-belching contraption and a modern day coffee machine. After all coffee machines are miniature versions of glorified steam boilers; and as such their core mechanism is a testament to the ingenuity of our ‘Victorian Age’ forefathers. So, raising a toast to our resourceful ancestors and their steam-fueled technology, let us gawk at some of the classy Steampunk coffee machines we can start off our office day with.

1) Steampunk Coffee Machines from Elektra

Steampunk Coffee Machines from Elektra

Take your pick from – brass, copper and stainless steel; three of the most favorite color compositions in the realm of Steampunk. The cylindrical coffee machines are also galore with remarkable details. These include elegant knob handles, antediluvian pressure meters, spacious cup holders and even ornate finishes like the sculptural Eagles perched atop the crown of the shiny coffee-makers.

2) The News Brews

The News Brews Steampunk

Steampunk meets modern day technology in the remarkable ‘News Brews’ conception. The device’s working scope entails a connection to internet news feeds. The machine ‘takes note’ of the regions mentioned in the news (for example Peru or Ethiopia), and then brews fresh cups of coffee in accordance with the relative proportions of beans grown in those particular regions. Bamboozled? Now, this is what we call – ‘lapping up the news’!

3) The Genuine Balancing Siphon Coffee Maker

Genuine Balancing Siphon Coffee Maker

Inspired by the coffee brewing process of the early 19th century, this beauty of a Steampunk device was on a Hammacher Schlemmer sale. The whole brewing scope starts with a flickering flame and ends with the flame being automatically extinguished by a historically authentic built-in mechanism. Of course, nobody claimed awesomeness comes cheap; the entire contraption will set you back by $699.95.

4) Steampunk Cold Drip Coffee Maker

Steampunk Cold Drip Coffee Maker

As opposed to conventional coffee-makers, the above pictured $220 apparatus utilizes pure ice water for brewing its coffee. According to the machine’s manual, the whole brewing process takes around 3 hours to complete, during which the ice water reduces the harsher oils in your ground coffee. This novel technique ultimately results in a unique flavor which is totally different (we hope in a good way) from regular brewed coffee.

5) ‘Steampunk’ Coffee Machine from Alpha Dominche

Steampunk' Coffee Machine from Alpha Dominche

We daresay this is the first coffee-maker which is actually (and unpretentiously) named as the ‘Steampunk’ coffee machine. Exhibiting linear lines with a certain futuristic essence, the mechanism is touted to feature some state-of-the-art coffee making attributes. These include a French press, vacuum pot and even siphon brewing technique. And, you ask what is the price to pay for such innovative brewing processes? Well, the tag reads around just $15,000!

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