Bruce Handrail Grill takes advantage of the ‘open-air’ balcony space

Bruce Handrail Grill_1

Bruce Handrail Grill_1

A few days ago, we talked about growing your very own crops in the cramped space that you call an apartment balcony. And, now you can cook and grill your ‘apartment grown’ crops while enjoying the rare open-air ambiance, with the utterly groovy Bruce Handrail Grill (by Henrick Drecker)!

Designed to be suspended from the balcony handrails (like flower pots), the Bruce Handrail Grill unpretentiously showcases its practicality by completely eschewing any form of precious floor space. In other words, you can easily cook your meat and veggies in your balcony, all within a compact area of just 161 sq inches.

Bruce Handrail Grill_2

The grilling device also flaunts its elegant credentials with a svelte stainless steel structure and a classy black paint job. To that end, the aesthetic factor does complement the spatially efficiency of the cooking contrivance.

And of course, we shouldn’t forget the ‘societal’ side of affairs – BBQ sessions can now be found beyond the realm of the suburban scope, to be enjoyed by city dwellers in their very own apartments!

Dimensions – Height: 16 cm, Depth: 18.5 cm, Length: 58.5 cm.

Buy – €59 (around $90).

Bruce Handrail Grill_3

Bruce Handrail Grill_4

Bruce Handrail Grill_5

Via: RedFerret

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