How To Give Your Home a Northwoods Style

northwoods style

Nestling deep into the heart of the woods doesn’t have to be a seasonal adventure; you can bring the tranquility and charm of nature right into your home all year long. A Northwoods design features a rustic cabin aesthetic, rich in woodsy warmth and nature-inspired elements. Whether you’re a city-dweller yearning for a touch of wilderness or a rural inhabitant, a few simple changes to your home’s design can make a world of a difference. Here’s how to give your home a Northwoods style through simple yet impactful projects.

Craft With Reclaimed Wood

Give your home a genuine Northwoods feel by incorporating the timeless and rugged beauty of reclaimed wood. This sustainable approach to home decor provides a sense of history and character that new materials simply can’t match. 

Reclaimed Wood Shelves

Construct your own shelves from weathered planks to display treasured items or to store your everyday essentials. Sand the wood down for a smooth finish or leave the natural grain for a raw look.

Live Edge Tables

Live edge tables offer several unique benefits, including adding a breathtaking rustic and organic element to your living and eating areas. A live edge is an uncut side of wood that retains its natural shape, making each table one-of-a-kind.

Create Cozy Textiles

In the Northwoods, comfort is paramount. Warm textiles like wool, flannel, and fleece create a snug atmosphere perfect for curling up by the fire after a day spent exploring the wilderness.

DIY Throw Pillows

Craft your own throw pillows using plaid or wildlife-printed fabrics to reflect the cozy nature of the Northwoods. Geometric patterns and rich, earthy tones are also fitting choices for this style.

Hand-Sewn Blankets

Cut and sew your own blanket using soft, warm materials. Fleece is a great option for beginners as it doesn’t fray, making the sewing of edges easy. Finish your creation with a personalized touch, such as a sewn-on patch or hand-embroidered initials.

Integrate Natural Elements

Northwoods decor flourishes with the addition of natural elements that reflect the outdoor environment. Some potential options include:

Birch Bark Crafts

Source birch bark—either through ethical means or from fallen trees—to line baskets, craft lampshades, or create small sculptures. The contrast of the pale bark against dark wood or richly colored fabrics is a stunning visual element.

Wooden Bathtubs

For a luxurious and natural touch, consider installing a wooden bathtub to give your bathroom a rustic feel. The warmth of the wood will make for a soothing soak, and the visual impact is sure to impress.

Emulate a Cabin Aesthetic

The most impactful way to give your home a Northwoods style is to incorporate accents that evoke the quiet charm of a cozy cabin.

Rustic Stencils

Use stencils to paint your own Northwoods-style designs onto walls, furniture, or fabrics. Consider simple motifs like trees, animals, or geometric patterns to echo the rustic surroundings.

Antler Decor

While using actual antlers is a personal choice with ethical considerations, there are many high-quality faux options available. Antler chandeliers, candle holders, or wall art can add an unexpected touch of wilderness-y grandeur to any room.

Adorning your home with these cabin-inspired elements brings the rugged elegance of the Northwoods into your personal living space. Whether you’re revamping an entire room or adding subtle touches throughout your home, embracing the Northwoods style is a DIY adventure that offers both relaxation and fulfillment. 

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