Everything You Need To Know About Live Edge Tables

live edge table

Live edge tables are popular in interior design and furniture. These one-of-a-kind tables come from sustainably sourced wood with natural, untrimmed edges that preserve the tree’s organic shape. They are as functional as they are beautiful, adding texture and character to any living space. If you’re considering adding this piece to your home, review everything you need to know about live edge tables. 

What Is a Live Edge Table?

A live edge table consists of a slab of wood that retains its natural state, including the rough and irregular edges from the tree’s bark. These tables showcase the tree’s original shape, forging a visual connection with nature indoors. Typically, artisans sand and finish the table to create a functional tabletop, often applying a clear coat to enhance the natural grain and provide protection.

How To Choose the Right Live Edge Table

When selecting a live edge table, it is important to consider the dimensions and shape. The width, length, and height of your table should suit your particular needs and the room’s proportions. 

If you plan on crafting your table, carefully choosing the wood is among the most important tips for woodworking with live edge slabs. Ideally, you want wood with low moisture content to prevent warping. You also want material that matches the ambiance and style of the space. 

The color of the wood influences the overall tone of the room, so bear in mind whether you want to create a bold statement or a more subdued look.

Where To Find a Live Edge Table?

Understandably, not everyone wants to handcraft a table. So, another thing to know about live edge tables is where to get them. You can contact local carpenters or woodworkers who can customize a table to your specifications.  

You can also find online shops that offer a variety of pre-made tables with different sizes, dimensions, and finishes to choose from. Visiting local furniture stores is also a great way to find your perfect live edge table and help support local artisans.

How To Care for Your Live Edge Table

Live edge tables are sturdy and long-lasting if you properly maintain them. Don’t place the table in direct sunlight or near radiators and heat sources. Regularly clean the table with a microfiber cloth and avoid using any harsh chemicals. It is also advisable to apply a protective coat of wax or oil to enhance the wood’s beauty.

What About Other Live Edge Pieces?

If you’re a fan of the natural, rustic look of live edge tables, you might wonder what other furniture pieces are available in this style. Fortunately, live edge pieces aren’t exclusive to just tables. For example, you can find live edge walnut floating shelves perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. 

You can also find benches, desks, and even headboards! Regardless of your preference, live edge furniture can add visual interest to any room in your home.

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