Useful Tips for Organizing Your Nightstand


A nightstand lends a finishing touch to your bedroom and keeps your nighttime items within easy reach.

But it’s not uncommon to have a hard time organizing the nightstand. Your bedroom is also gonna look less pleasing when your nightstand is not organized or crowded with unnecessary clutter.

Here are simple tips you can implement to keep your nightstand clean and organized.

Keep Essentials Handy

While organizing your nightstand, place the essentials on top.

This will include things you need during the night or use on a daily basis.

Some of these can include your medications, lip balm, reading glasses, water and tissues. 

If you wear retainers or use night guards, they should be placed within easy reach as well. If you have more than one night guard, don’t keep them all on the nightstand.

Companies like Smile Brilliant offer custom-fitted night guards that help combat various issues like clenching, grinding, headaches and soreness. These night guards also come in dedicated cases which makes keeping things organized much easier.

Keep only one night guard on your stand. Once it wears out, replace it with a new one.

Try To Save Space With Alternatives

If you don’t have much space on your nightstand, swap out large items for smaller ones.

For example, an alarm clock takes up unnecessary space. Use your phone alarm instead. Similarly, swap big medicine bottles with smaller ones.

If the flower vase is taking up too much space, try finding a smaller decorative element you can use. 

Use A Tray To Avoid Clutter

When there are a number of small things on your nightstand, clutter and mess won’t be too far behind.

Using a tray will enable you to keep more things on your nightstand.

Keep small things like notepads and pens, everyday jewelry, etc. in a trinkets tray.

You can also use small storage boxes to store your essentials.

Remove Unnecessary Things

Having unnecessary things strewn all over your nightstand is not a pleasant sight. You won’t be able to find the essentials when you need them the most.

Remove trash and other waste like wrappers or dirty plates, if any. 

If the surface is dusty or dirty, wipe it clean.

Organize Your Nightstand Drawers

Stop shoving random things into the drawers.

Allot each drawer for a certain category of items. 

For example, one drawer can be used for night-time accessories like sleeping masks, socks or napkins. You can use another drawer for skincare products like body balms and lotions.

It’s a good idea to have an open shelf dedicated to night-time hobbies like wool for knitting and books for reading.

Labeling each drawer will make it easier for you to know where your things are located.

Another useful hack is to keep the things you use most in your top drawer. 

Avoid Bulky Lighting Options

Huge lamps or lights on the nightstands result in less space for your other essential items.

Consider lighting options that take up less space but give ample light. Minimalist lamps work well and even serve as a decor element.

If you want even more space, you can even consider floor lamps, wall sconces or hanging lights. But remember to keep the light switch close to your bedside so you can easily access it in the middle of the night.

Storage Boxes

If you have empty space underneath your nightstand consider using storage boxes to store your stuff.

This will eliminate clutter and help you save space as well.


A clean and organized nightstand will enable you to have a more peaceful night-time routine.

Trust me it will make a huge difference and even help you sleep better!

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