Tips to install hardwood floor

Tips to install hardwood floor at your home

Wooden floors or hardwood floors are getting popular these days. According to latest statistics in USA alone 30.5 % of the people want, wooden floor to be installed in their home. Most remarkable thing about wooden floor is that they are available in different colors and styles. Wooden floors are …

Ostrich Pillow design

Ostrich Pillow design is now real

Young architecture and design studio” Kawamura-Ganjavian has come up with this Ostrich Pillow. This allows you to give a power nap with your head inside, eyes covered and your hearing is dampened, also you can stick your arms into its holes and go in complete comfort zone to sleep with …

Christmas Tree Stand

Easy to store Christmas Tree Stand

Composed of three movable rings, this Christmas tree stand has tightened leg attached to each ring. After using you can easily detach legs of this Christmas tree and store it for next festive season.

Gun Shaped Door Handle

Bang Bang Gun Shaped Door Handle

Designers not even overlook your door’s design. Russian product designer Nikita Kovalev have designed this creative door handle that looks and functions exactly like a real gun. Now simply pull the trigger of this door handle and open the door. Sounds interesting!

Tips to decorate your house for Spring

Tips to decorate your house for Spring

As you move from winter to spring, apart from putting away all your woolies, you’re sure to have to change a few things around your house, or just decorate it differently for spring. Here are a few things you could do to decorate your home for the new season—Spring. Remove …

No Place like Home shoes

GPS No Place like Home shoes To Guide You Home From Anywhere

Homeharmonizing advise you never to overindulge in drinking. British designer Dominic Wilcox comes up with the No Place like Home shoes that has programmable GPS receiver in the heel. This pair of shoes guides you to your home from anywhere in the world and can be really helpful when you …

Little Free Library #2646 is set for free exchange

These pictures reveal what is called the Little Free Library #2646. With the aim of spreading literacy, Little Free Library Ltd., a non-profit organization, is encouraging individuals to open mini libraries in their neighborhoods throughout the US and across some parts in Canada. You can get pre built libraries made of old …