Centrifugal Turkey Cooking Machine makes your Christmas dinner perfect

Centrifugal Turkey Cooking Machine_1

Christmas is round the corner and you must have started thinking of numerous turkey recipes, it being the mainstay of the dinner party. If you do not like the dry taste and texture of the cooked turkey, here we are with a great solution for you that will help you cook turkey without making the meat dry.

Invented by Colin Furze, the Xmas Spinner is a DIY Centrifugal Turkey Cooking Machine that preserves the juice of the meat while cooking. Furze is the madcap inventor and a celebrated personality known for bringing the mad ideas to life. The machine is based on water-infused spinning method that makes perfect juicy Christmas turkey. All you need to do is hang a turkey on the central rod that has holes in it, which plays an integral role in preserving the moisture level of the meat. The spinning makes water infuse evenly into the meat, thus preventing it from drying.

Apart from this, the water-infused spinning method saves time. It cooks turkey fast and even, in comparison to submerging it in water for cooking. Colin Furze has shown in his video how one can cook veggies in the machine along with turkey. This machine will certainly let you enjoy mouth-watering moist meat this Christmas.

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