TOTO’s self-cleaning NEOREST 750H toilet helps users save water and energy

TOTO recently displayed its new range of products from the flagship NEOREST Suite at the International Consumer Electronics Show. Held from January 6th to 9th, the show brought into the limelight one of TOTO’s most ingenious design, the NEOREST 750H Intelligent Toilet which aims to strike the perfect balance between design, innovation, technology, performance and comfort.

The NEOREST 750H is the recipient of the iF International Award for Design Excellence. The smart toilet comes with several remarkable features that will make any user go gaga over it. Some of these include a sensor operation for auto open/close, aerated water, integrated personal cleansing system, heated seat, warm air dryer, in bowl catalytic deodorizer and several water as well as energy saving features.

This toilet uses Actilight Cleansing Technology to offer the most complete bowl cleansing operation in order to get rid of both visible and invisible waste. The eWater+ technology prevents waste adherence at least 80% better than even a dry bowl. The result is a toilet bowl that remains extremely clean and fresh even for months at a time.

The bowl of the NEOREST 750H also comes with a coating of HYDROTECT titanium dioxide and zirconium to offer a lovely iridescent look. It ensures no organic substances stick to the bowls surface during waste elimination. It does this by combining with sunlight to create a process, which breaks down the organic substances, allowing them to be washed away easily along with mold and even lime scale.

If this is not enough, it uses a patented Tornado dual flush technology to flush away waste effectively using just one gallon of water per flush.

A Sneak Peek into NEOREST’s future:

TOTO also revealed a sneak peek into NEOREST’s future with its Wall Hung Toilet that comes with Actilight Cleansing Technology as well as all the other features of this toilet. This self-cleaning Wall Hung Toilet is set to hit the market by 2017.


TOTO revealed the NEOREST 750H intelligent toilet as part of its NEOREST Suite at CESS 2016. The intelligent toilet comes with an ultra-classy look and combines several powerful features to offer a one of a kind toilet that will fit any contemporary home with ease.

Via: Prnewswire

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