Circle – An iOS device for regulating your family’s internet accessibility

family device control circle

Our age has been justly called the Cyber Age; and in this epoch, it is internet that rules the roost in the realm of entertainment and media. However, in the midst of all the connections and online activities provided by this humongous scope, our children and family members remain exposed to certain ‘bothersome’ elements of the internet.

And this is where the Circle comes into the broad picture, as an effective device that regulates such elements ranging from disturbing content to virus prone advertisements.

Simple put, the Circle has been envisaged for a scenario where we and our family members are online (which is most of the time). Controlled by an iOS app, the device then sets up the parameters (chosen by you) on how and what our family members can have access to in the internet. So, basically, the Circle helps in various functions, including – advanced filtering, time management systems and ad blocking.

Now we have talked about the practicality of the Circle; but as a device what exactly does it entail? Well, according to the designers:

Circle is a smart network device that “talks” with your router and each household device constantly to filter and manage content based on the settings you desire. Circle connects to your outlet with a micro-USB and has an internal battery allowing it to work continuously when unplugged so you can place the device anywhere in your home.

In essence, the Circle has been created as a home oriented contraption. Moreover, its simplistic, minimalist design does its part in unobtrusively upholding the decor arrangement of your living room and bed room.

For more details, please check the product’s Kickstarter page.


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