Coca Cola unveils their ‘Bio Cooler’, a device that cools without needing electricity

To be frank, Coca Cola over the years has cultivated the image of that big, evil ‘capitalist’ corporation that has been wrapping its greedy tentacles around the populace of many developing (and developed) nations. Interestingly, the above pictured project might just bring some level of credibility to their often criticized business practices.The Coca-Cola Bio cooler_2

The contrivance in question is a Bio Cooler Project that has been envisagedĀ in collaboration with Leo Burnett Colombia, and the definitive part of the designs entailsĀ – the coolers don’t require power supply to operate in even extreme weather conditions.

Based on an ancient technology that utilizes water evaporation for the cooling effect, the rectangular-shaped compact Bio Cooler completely eschews the need for any electrical power requirement. Instead the contraption utilizes an array of watered plants – through which evaporation occurs to have its cooling effect on the lower chamber.

Furthermore, the cooler also has a built-in mirror that re-directs the sun’s heat to accelerate the process of evaporation. So in essence – the greater the heat of the sun, the higher the magnitude of cooling effect, which makes the Bio Cooler wonderfully efficient.

The ‘naturally powered’ machine was rigorously tested in the town of Aipir, which is easily one of the hottest places in the South American nation of Colombia. Suffice it to say, the results were satisfying with the Bio Cooler’s substantial capacity to store at least three cans of relatively chilled drinks.

The Coca-Cola Bio cooler_1

And, if you are interested in other coolers that do not need electricity to function, you can take a gander at the commercial available eCool from a Denmark-based start up.

Via: LeoBurnett

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