elo Pillow tells stories and plays music to your kids during bedtime!

For those who don’t know, seemingly mundane pillows can be transformed into remarkable specimens with the infusing of a bit of technology. We already know this from their snoring abating and weather forecasting credentials; and this time around, we have raise our humble hats to the elo Pillow, an incredible pillow design with storytelling ability!Elo storytelling pillow_1

Envisaged as a handy design (by Minneapolis-based company Edia Inc.) that could make children fall asleep, the elo can read stories and play soothing music during their bedtimes. These stories and specific elo playlists can be downloaded from your mobile devices or computer, directly into the elo pillow system.

And the really interesting part is – the built-in sound system plays its media files only when the child’s head rests on the pillow surface. The music and the story stops instantaneously if the head is raised, which sort of induces the child to stay in bed and sleep.

As for the commercial scheme of things, the elo Pillow will retail with a price of $119. If interested, you can pre-order one from the product page, while store-wide availability will likely commence from August of this year.

Elo storytelling pillow_2 Elo storytelling pillow_3 Elo storytelling pillow_4 Elo storytelling pillow_5

Via: BedTimesMagazine

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