Pongtu plastic film – an easy solution to unclog your toilet!

We have talked about the crazy way to clean your toilet with coke soda. But this time around, we are introducing you to something which is arguably weirder and yet more efficient than your average Coca Cola or Pepsi. A South Korean company has come up with a single-use plastic film named as ‘Pongtu’, that effectively unclog the innards of the toilet bowl by totally eschewing the need for those unwieldy plungers (at least that is what the above YouTube video suggests).

The simple working scope of the Pongtu entails – the plastic film being stretched over the circumference of a toilet bowl, and thus sealing the compartment. This airtight space builds up substantial pressure to unclog the toilet, which rather replicates the action of conventional plungers (that work by suction force). Interestingly, the sealing paper also avoids those disgusting occurrences of splashes, which keeps the user ‘clean’ during the banal and sometimes excruciating toilet unclogging process.

Moreover, the Pongtu plastic films are touted to be both foldable and portable, with the presumption that they can be used on-the-go. But the oddly bad news is – we can’t seem to find any credible commercial link to the seemingly innovative product (except this one) that might just revolutionize the way we unclog our toilets.

Mess free way of unclogging toilets

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