Colorful Livi planter sticks tiny plants to walls or windows

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With increasing number of small-space apartments in cities, it’s becoming difficult to maintain enough indoor garden space. For those who love greenery in their home, designer Hooman Koliji has come up with a portable Livi planter to help homeowners grow a vertical/horizontal garden on any wall or window.

Livi is adorable looking versatile planter with four micro-suction palms that help it to stick firmly on various surfaces without the need of screws, nails or glue. It is basically a miniature flower pot in which you can plant desired flowers or shrubs and affix it onto window panes, adding ample greenery to your small dwelling.

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Available in various colors, Livi planer has been made using a Makerbot Replicator 2 3D printer. Koliji has used recycled material to create this colorful pot that resemble an insect-like body and legs. All thanks to its innovative nanotechnology, the tiny planter sticks upright onto any flat surface with its micro-suction pads that create a vacuum for suction when pressed against solid surfaces.

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You can use more than one planter to form a lively vertical or horizontal garden on any flat surface. Preferably, windows are well-suited for affixing Livi planters, as against window panes plants will be able to get enough sunlight for photosynthesis.

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Currently, the project is seeking funds on Kickstarter to achieve initial goal of about $23,500. A pledge of $12 will help you secure one planter, while helping the prototype to hit its goal. If it reaches production phase, then you can expect the planter by September 2016.

Via: Kickstarter

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