Designers create DIY Wine Shelf from wine boxes & old table

Wine Box Shelf

Wine Box Shelf

We may harp about gloriously artistic furniture designs, and we may reiterate about fascinatingly advanced furniture items. However, DIY still remains as one of those exclusive yet simple scopes that immerses the user at a more intrinsic level. Of course, much of it has to do with the direct involvement of the user in the design process. In this regard, we have fortunately stumbled across the simply yet practically designed Wine Box Shelf from independent studio 2much.

The shelf is crafted from an assortment of easily available items that included wine boxes (along with other wooden boxes), black clips, and an old Ikea table. So, basically all that the designers needed to do was attach these boxes with the black clips to form a structure. This vertical structure (composed of the wooden boxes) was then simply supported on the Ikea table.

Now, the whole conception might not be the sturdiest of furniture items, given its singular support being offered by just the table legs. But this design consideration does bypass the relatively complicated process of fixing the hanging strip and additional wall supports, found in conventional bookshelves. Moreover, the collective structure crafted from the boxes can be contrived in any customized shape or form, as per the user’s preference. In fact, one of the designers commented on how the placing of these boxes was almost like playing Tetris.

Wine Box Shelf

DIY Wine Shelf

Via: 2much

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