CubeSensors – A smart tracking system for our home environment


We as consumers have had our fair share of wearable fitness trackers in CES 2014. But what about a collective ‘fitness’ tracker for our homes? Well, the smartly contrived CubeSensors fulfills this functional quotient with its whopping seven kinds of integrated sensors.

As the name suggests, the CubeSensors are tiny, cube-shaped contraptions that can be kept in each of your rooms. The different sensors detect various home-oriented properties, like temperature, humidity, noise level, air quality, light magnitude, weather pressure and even an accelerometer.

Likewise, the data collected by these sensors entails ways by which you can actually improve upon your home’s interior environment. Such improvements (backed up by credible data) can cover a range of scenarios, like optimized illumination in a room to the effectiveness of ventilation in a circulation zone.

All of the collected data is send to a dedicated app (via WiFi), which can be presumably accessed from your computer or smartphone. As for the simple working scope, you just have to shake a CubeSensor, which then changes its color to signal its detection, thus leading to your checking out the app interface and then making the necessary adjustments.

The usability ambit of the CubeSensors is also improved on many levels. The unobtrusive cube (with just 2-inches on all sides) can be plugged in or kept wireless with periodic charging. As for its pricing, the costs range from $300 to $600, with model sets having 2 cubes, 4 cubes and ultimately 6 cubes.

For more info, pay a visit to the product’s home site.

Via: TechCrunch

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