Declutter, clean, and organize your home in 3 easy steps

soacious clean living room

If your home is in disarray, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed at how to tackle it. Many people start but very quickly stop again because it’s just too much to cope with. By dealing with things in stages, it can make it far easier to find a way out of the mess, and get back to some form of organized normality. 

We’ve put together 3 steps to help you declutter, clean, and organize your home. You can do this room by room if you feel that would work better for you or, if you are feeling extremely determined, you might prefer to deal with the house as a whole. As long as you carry out each step, it doesn’t matter how you go about it. With a bit of hard work, you can achieve great results.


The best way to start this process is to remove as much rubbish from your home as possible. You may have things lying around that are broken, unusable, or just ready for the trash. Work your way through every room, drawer, and cupboard (don’t forget your garage!) until you have bagged up all your trash. 

If you think you may have a lot of stuff to get rid of, you might want to hire a skip beforehand. There is little point in setting aside unwanted rubbish only to find there is nowhere to put it.  

Spring Clean

Once you are working with the bare minimum it’s time to give your home a good clean. Wipe down all your surfaces, furniture, and fittings and use a sugar soap solution on any particularly stubborn areas. If you have window dressings that need to be cleaned, arrange to have them removed, cleaned, and put back up. 

When it comes to carpets, you can hire machines that will give you a decent enough finish, but if you want the best possible result, it’s worth contacting a specialist company.  Woodard Cleaning and Restoration, for example, will not only clean your carpets, but have machinery powerful enough to deal with stain removal, discoloration, and pet odor. If you want your carpets brought back to life, it’s worth spending a little more and having it done professionally. 


The final stage of the process is organizing everything. Make sure everything has an allocated place and that there is sufficient space to store it all. There’s no point in cramming things into cupboards and drawers only to have things fall out or jam every time you go to get something. If you need extra storage, get it. 

Many types of furniture such as coffee tables or ottoman beds double up as extra storage so consider what you need before replacing anything. If you are short on floor space, shelving is a great way to add extra space for your belongings. 

With some forethought and a bit of planning, your home can be a clean, well-organized place for you and your loved ones to enjoy.  

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