8 Ways to increase storage in your home

shelves for storage

Property costs are on the rise, so people are looking at how to make their homes more livable.  Although adding an extension onto your home would be the most literal fix- most people want to find a way to make the space they have work.

Here are some ways to increase your storage without having to add another room.

Clean Out Extras

This way is, first and foremost, the best way to create space.  If you have junk drawers, cabinets you haven’t touched in months, or closets that go untouched, it’s time to empty them.  Go through your home, room by room.

Decide if things are vital to your home and life if they’re not, then let them go.  Clutter is the death of space in your home.

Make Spaces Multi-Purpose

If you have a laundry room that does nothing but house the washer and dryer, put up shelves for storage.  There are dozens of places in any given home that could get used more effectively.  I understand lack of space means that you might feel like you’ve exhausted every corner of your home, but there’s always room for another in-wall shelf.

Use Walls and Ceilings

As I’ve said, adding shelves can be simple.  Ceiling hooks can get used for pots and pans in the kitchen, and in-wall shelving can get used in almost every other room of your home.  Some people even add small shelves above doors.  If you follow that, make sure it fits with the trim and style of the room.

Over The Door Hooks

Your doors have endless potential!  You can attach hooks on the inside of closet doors to do everything from hold shoes, to organize makeup and belts.

Use Empty Suitcases As Storage

Most Americans have empty suitcases sitting around in their homes.  Although we always love the option of pulling it out and filling it quickly for a trip- that suitcase is wasted space ninety percent of the time.

Use that suitcase to store seasonal clothes, blankets, or other things that you only need occasionally.

Fill Out Cabinets

If your cabinets don’t use every inch, they can be harboring wasted space.  Put more shelves in them, making sure to leave the room, so everything fits.  If you’re wary about the cost, a Home Depot promo code can help your budget.

Consider Vacuum Storage

If you have a lot of blankets, or out of season clothes, eating up space, then it could be time to look into vacuum storage.  Although a vacuum storage bag can be expensive, you can recreate the effect with a large plastic bag, any vacuum, and packing tape.

By compressing the air out of things, you shrink them down into more manageable sizes.

Find Unused Space

Is there a table in a corner that nobody uses?  Do you have a junk drawer that holds random tools and odds and ends?  There are better uses for these spaces.  Manage these by getting rid of things you don’t need, and you can use them for storage instead.  Replace an unused corner table with a cabinet of the same size and height, and you can still use the top surface for whatever you displayed.

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