DIYers pay homage to Borderlands with their cool Claptrap trash can

Borderlands Claptrap Trash Can_1

Those who have played Borderlands would surely know about the eccentric yet adorable qualities of Claptrap, a guardian robot from Pandora who poses as the quest giver and is seriously good at beat-boxing. And now the charming (yet sometimes annoying) automaton has made its ceremonious debut in the ever expanding realm of DIY, in the form of a functional Claptrap trash can.

The practical project has been created by some resourceful enthusiasts from Our Nerd Home, who have have made use of a myriad of items for the ultimate assembly. The honor list includes some odd components, like – a ready made step-on trash can, LED Puck Light, rubber tire, cardboard, PVC pipes, coaxial cable and even an extending antennae.

The complementary finishing details were achieved with an assortment of other usable stuff, including – acrylic paint, painters tape, eye-bolts with washers and nuts and goop type glue.

So, if you are seriously interested in the DIY endeavor, you can take a peek at the step-by-step tutorial provided at Our Nerd Home. And yes – it is certainly novel to have an adorable robotic contrivance that goes beyond the replications of R2D2 or Wall-E.

Borderlands Claptrap Trash Can_2

Borderlands Claptrap Trash Can_3

Via: NerdApproved

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