Do the Wish: A Traditional note hanger that gives wings to your wishes

Do the wish by Tirdad Kiamanesh

No matter how much technology we bring into our lives, there are always certain aspects of it, which need to be left on tradition. For example our generation is so much used to putting up reminders on the cell phone for every occasion; it keeps beeping all the while. But, the older folks still prefer the conventional methods, like sticking them up refrigerators, wall boards, or other convenient places. Keeping the latter in mind, Italian designer Tridad Kiamanesh has crafted a beautiful, systematic and traditional note hanger ‘Do the Wish’ that looks exactly like a tree, on which you can hang your notes, aspirations, aims, and more.
There are many cultures across the globe that believes if you hang your wishes in trees they will come true and alive. But the concept lets you place and organize your work in systematic manner to let your dreams take wings and near achievement soon.

Via: Tirdadkiamanesh

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