Effective Ways For Creating An Ideal Home-Teaching Space

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In this era of online teaching, a proper teaching space at home is a must-have for all teachers and professors.

A stimulating teaching environment enables a teacher to teach effectively. It is also beneficial for the students since it helps them digest the material better.

It is not expensive or hard to set up a good space for teaching online. 

A little time and effort are all you need!

Let us take a look at how you can create an ideal teaching space at home. 

Utilize A Quiet Room

Make sure you set up your teaching space in a quiet room, preferably where outdoor noises are blocked.

It is important to have peace and silence for an effective teaching session. Unnecessary noises and sounds will disturb both you and your students.

You will be unable to teach properly and your students won’t be able to grasp the lessons. 

Choose a location in an isolated part of your house or a room that nobody uses.

Stable Internet Connection

Nothing is more annoying than an unstable internet connection while teaching your students.

If your connection keeps breaking off in between, you will have to constantly pick up from where you left off. There won’t be any continuity in your teaching session.

Your students are also likely to get annoyed.

Test your current internet connection and make sure it is stable. If not, consider changing your provider.

Ergonomic Setup

The table and chair you use for your teaching setup should be ergonomic.

If you are straining your back or neck while looking at the screen, you won’t be able to give your best teaching efforts.

Make sure your table is set at a height with the monitor screen at eye level. Your chair should be comfortable and give you appropriate back support.

Space under the table will allow you to rest your feet. Get up and walk around at regular intervals to relax. If you have back-to-back lectures, don’t forget to keep a stool or a footrest under the desk.

Set Up Your Supplies And Teaching Materials

Have all your essential supplies and materials within easy reach. This will contribute to a more effective teaching atmosphere.

While you are teaching, you don’t want to be wasting time searching for paper, reference materials, or pen. Having your teaching aids nearby will help you refer to them easily while teaching.

Instead of keeping things in different places, confine them to a single destination. This will help you use your teaching space for other purposes as well.

A clean and organized space will motivate teachers to finish all their tasks and find time for self-learning and professional growth.

For example, if you’re teaching online, you can also aim for pursuing a Ph.D. simultaneously. Teachers who need extra help with their Ph.D. dissertation can hire professional dissertation writers to save time.

Try Using Multiple Screen

If you have multiple monitors, use them for teaching.

It becomes hard to confine everything to a single screen, especially if you have to show yourself along with presentations and videos.

This will also help you observe your students on one screen and teach or show videos on another one.

You will definitely have an easier teaching experience!

Sound & Lighting

If your students can’t hear or see you properly, your teaching won’t be effective.

Make sure your laptop has a good internal microphone. If it doesn’t, consider getting a good external microphone so your students will be able to hear you.

Good quality audio will make your class sound professional!

Lighting is also important.

Your face should be visible and clear to your students. Set up your teaching space near a window or consider using an external light source.


If you want to go the extra mile, consider setting up a nice and aesthetic background for your teaching space!

Your students will enjoy their online classes if you put in some extra effort!

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