Elecom’s ‘Touch Panel Cleaner’ – An ideal solution for your ‘smelly’ touch based devices

We dare you to deeply inhale the ‘aroma’ of your ever trusty computer’s dirty screen! Not up for the challenge? Well, then Japanese electronic company Elecom’s ‘Touch Panel Cleaner’ might be a good ‘smelling’ solution for your daily used devices.Elecom's 'Touch Panel Cleaner_1

Coming in two modes of application (that includes tissue and spray), these cleaners have their own essence of fragrance. These fragrances include different ‘flavors’ like rose, lavender, grapefruit, lemongrass and even green tea. As for the effectiveness of the cleaners, they are ideally suited for removing dirt and finger prints from various touch panel based devices including tablets, smartphones and touch-based PCs.

We did mention that the Touch Panel Cleaner comes into two separate modes regarding their application. The Spray type (P-FCS series) will set you back by ¥1,323 (about $13), while the Tissue type (P-FCT5P series) will cost around ¥640 (about $6).

Elecom's 'Touch Panel Cleaner_3

Elecom's 'Touch Panel Cleaner_4

Elecom's 'Touch Panel Cleaner_5 Elecom's 'Touch Panel Cleaner_2 Elecom's 'Touch Panel Cleaner_6

Via: Elecom

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