Jang Wooseok’s Zombie Slippers cures our slippery toilet woes

Many of us are turned off by the slithery, sloppy floor of our bathrooms and toilets. But the worse part is how our morning drowsiness and confusion deters us from properly putting on our ‘un-ergonomic’ bathroom slippers. As a result, we fumble and grope across the soapy bathroom floor, looking like a bunch of jinxed cartoon characters on a morning TV show (and I am not even going into that irritating ‘squeaky’ sound made by the slipper after absorption of too much water).Zombie slippers by Jang Wooseok

Well, Korean industrial designer Jang Wooseok seems to go through these same ‘morning predicaments’, and as a solution he has ingeniously contrived the Zombie Slippers. Comprising of an open faced, rectangular shape with bi-lateral symmetry, the slipper has no front or back end (as opposed to a regular slipper with a separate compartment for our toes). So you can just put your foot on the gripped rectangular form and gleefully slide your foot across the slippery bathroom floor, like an everyday, well meaning Zombie.

We are not too sure if so much foot dragging would create any sort of ‘screechy’ noise that could potentially wake our neighbors. However, the videos below does simply show on how the Zombie Slipper is advantageous to conventional slippers. So, do give a gander at them, while we are away on a quest to get our pair.

Zombie slippers by Jang Wooseok_1


Via: Wconcept

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