Electric painting brush by Indian student to make your job easier

Electric painting brush by Indian student

Electric painting brush by Indian student

While decorating your home is always fun, painting the walls makes the process tiresome. Painters try their utmost to give walls a nice finish while also minimizing paint waste. Yet, painting walls does not stop paint from being wasted because it is obvious that much paint is lost when painters use paintbrushes that have been dipped in paint to apply paint to walls. Consider employing an electric paintbrush to accomplish your goal. Both time and paint waste will be avoided by doing this.

An electric painting brush that Jahangir, a 19-year-old student from Jammu and Kashmir, India, invented makes the task entirely different.

A pump powered by a horsepower motor scoops paint from the bucket and transfers it through flexible tubes to a brush that evenly applies paint on the wall. Moreover, a user’s belt-mounted actuating lever, which can be worn throughout the process, can be used to control the entrance and outflow of paint. This innovative idea does have the potential to become a commercial product soon.

Electric painting brush by Indian student

Via: Damngeeky

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