Electrolux Stand Mixer by Peter Braakhuis

Electrolux Stand Mixer

This stand mixer is an excellent example of engineering for activities, like cooking and cleaning. Electrolus is a popular brand of home appliances which focus to deliver innovative solutions. The company is celebrating its 10th anniversary with Electrolux Sand Mixer. The product gives you a chance to explore, dream and discover. Available with many extra ordinary functions and designed to senses through audible, visual and tactile factors. Specially designed to save energy while you can also check the consumption by controlling the temperature and speed. Go through the points under to know more.


  • Totally automatic in functions.
  • A good energy saver and light in weight.
  • Less with Wi-Fi and camera.
  • Sensing surface to respond on every action eventually.
  • Available with a large size bowl and different mixer blades.
  • Surface is easy to clean.
  • Color Availability- White, Black


  • You can mix almost any needful thing related to cooking.
  • Camera to display the process of cooking.
  • It enables you to control via Wi-Fi.
  • You can control the speed, temperature and time as well.
  • You can also set it to use manually.
  • You can control it from your computer or any mobile device.

How to use the functions:

There are four main parts of the main controlling disc.

  • Menu Indicator–  Tap once for controlling the Speed, Time and Temperature.
  • Feature Setting– Tap once and use sweeping to control the Feature setting and twice to move the beater.
  • Stirring Indicator– Tap once to activate the camera.
  • Time Indicator– Tap twice for automatic or manual stirring. Screen color will change to orange for manual stirring.

You control it by tapping around anywhere on the disc and can be changed for functions by tapping again, you should have to be fast in action to command it accurately. Yet, there is no information available about the prize and date of availability.

Cheers: Peter Braakhuis

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