Elegant bathroom fixture fuses a bathtub, washbasin and music speakers

Desnahemisfera bathtub and washbasin_1

Spatial efficiency doesn’t always have to be austere in its visual scale. This is aptly proven by the elegant fusion of a bathtub and a washbasin, as showcased in the above image. Envisioned as a symbiotic installation, the exquisite yet practical bathroom fixture was conceived by Desnahemisfera design studio for the Kerock brand.

The intricacy of the visual scale displayed by the combination somewhat hides the usable features of the installation. In fact, the wave-shaped embodiment maintains a certain ergonomic bearing that is tailored as a protective shell for the human body.

There is also a technological aspect to the whole ambit; the Kerock installation has a host of integrated features like – button controlled water temperature and pressure, and a discreet speaker system that soothingly supplies music when someone is taking a relaxing bath.

Lastly, the combined plumbing required for the symbiotic fixture is effectively hidden beneath the shared structure. This translates to an unobtrusive scope that is not only ‘clean’ on the visual scale, but also eschews those potentially dangerous plumbing drains and coils one could trip over in a bathroom (especially since the basin is connected to the bathtub).

All in all, the Kerock installation is not only about the evolved notion of aesthetics one would expect in a contemporary, high-end bathroom. The design is also about the novelty of multi-purposefulness showcased through a unique perspective of innovation and style.

Via: DesignBoom

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