Lawrence Magennis’ outdoor table lamp also comes with a serving platter

Outdoor table lamp BY Lawrence Magennis_1

We have had our fair share of indoor table lamps. But what about an outdoor table lamp to go with your camping dinner? Well, Lawrence Magennis has thought of an apt solution, and that too with nifty rechargeable features.

His version of an outdoor table lamp replicates the form of a lantern, albeit with open sides. This unique form keeps the bottom section clear for access, thus serving as a perfect platter for taking camp food. In fact, the oak crafted plane area has been treated with linseed oil to boost its credential as a makeshift plate.

The rechargeable lamp on the hand resides along the top section with direct focus offered on the platter. Comprised of 30 LEDs, it has low heat attribute, and can last up to 5 long hours with the help of a single charge.

The lamp can also be used conventionally as an in-house lighting solution with its dedicated cable that plugs into an outlet. The flex cable further showcases its luminescent green hued bearing that could come in handy as a visual guide during the dark of the night and power outages.

Finally, as for availability, the outdoor table lamp is still in its development stage. However, the designer expects some commercial activity once he works out a few ‘tweaks’.

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Via: Mocoloco

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