Faux Tree Stump Fire Pit imitates organic wood to maintain the naturalism of your backyard

Faux Tree Stump Fire Pit_1

Backyard fire pits are all well and good until their function for the day ends. After that most of such metallic designs stand out as eye sores amid the verdant greenery of your precious garden and lawn. Well, not anymore! Some clever designers (presumably with a green thumb) have ingeniously come up with the Faux Tree Stump Fire Pit, which gloriously mimics a hollowed out tree stump.

However in reality, the fire pit made from durable cast stone with fiberglass details to deftly replicate the natural essence of wood and bark. The fire is safely contained with the top metallic insert that is inconspicuous from a distance, and yet can resist heat up to a substantial temperature of 572 degrees. Additionally, the set also comes with accessories like grate, spark guard and poker for the ultimate outdoor get-together during those lazy weekend nights.

The good news for us garden enthusiasts is that the Faux Tree Stump Fire Pit in available for online purchase for a retail price of $200. You can place your order by following the Plow Hearth link.

Dimensions – 28.5-inches (dia) x 22-inches (height).

Via: TheGreenHead

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