Hide-a-Key Birdhouse: An adorable decoy to safely keep away your keys

Hideakey Birdhouse_1

We have harped about a variety of modern security contrivances that tread the futuristic path to guard your home against potential burglars and intruders. And yet, hiding your house key beneath a fake rock has remained a timeless tactic for presumed safety. But for those of us who are a tad unconvinced by this simple home-security action, we have come across the nifty Hide-a-Key Birdhouse designed by Looker Products.

As the name quite clearly suggests, Hide-a-Key Birdhouse has been primarily designed to safely keep your keys away from prying eyes (that is of course, if those ‘prying eyes’ have not read this post!). The mystery lies in the inconspicuous magnetic trap that opens from beneath to discreetly hang your keys.

And in the midst of all of these hidden features, we mustn’t forget – the Hide-a-Key Birdhouse is not actually a birdhouse for your tiny feathered friends. However, you can surely make it pose as one by even sticking some twigs into the small circular opening near the top.

Hideakey Birdhouse_3 Hideakey Birdhouse_2

Price – $20. For buying, follow the Amazon link.

Via: SpyGoodies

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