Chair transforms into a portable suitcase in a matter of seconds

Suitcase Chair_1

The Chair to Suitcase has actually been designed as a simple magic prop you could showcase in kid birthday parties and parlor shows. However, we couldn’t look past the practical functionality of such a portable contraption when used in a real-world scope.

Coming with a manageable yet sturdy weight of 3.1 kg (6.8 lbs), the willow wood-made chair is perfectly suited to those mundane occasions, like your busy driving license renewal sessions at the DMV. You can even go a step further by using the foldable contrivance as a transportable seat during those weekend outdoor camping trips in the wild.

The metamorphosis of the chair to a dainty, compact suitcase can take place within mere seconds (as shown in the video below). But of course, easy portability has its price, and that figure reads $299 in this case (you can order one by following this link).

Via: RedFerret

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