Flame Stovetop kettle fuses traditional copper with modern sustainability

Another glorious instance of tradition fusing with modernism; we have in our hands the Flame, a sustainable kettle crafted from 100 percent recyclable materials. Conceived by Hakan Gürsu, the design is supposedly inspired by the ole copper kettles of the yester-years.Flame Stovetop kettle by Hakan Gürsu_3

In fact, the inspiration takes quite a purist direction by totally eschewing any form of plastic. Instead the designer has settled for both copper and stainless steel parts that are combined in ‘harmony’ without requiring any kind of chemical joining process.

However, beyond just the purist angle of the credentials, the Flame kettle does have a few practical features. For example, the creator took into account the unadulterated taste of water, which remains unaffected by the aforementioned materials (as opposed to plastic components). Moreover, copper has a greater degree of heat conductivity, thus improving upon the boiling time of any fluid inside the kettle.

And finally we move on to the Flame kettle’s sustainable attributes, which according to the designer result from – a relatively simple production process, low-cost materials and efficient usage of parts. The low carbon credentials are further complemented by the elegant aesthetic look of the crockery.

Flame Stovetop kettle by Hakan Gürsu_1

So, at the end of the day, the ambit is not only about sustainability and usage pattern; it also entails the visual scope of Flame kettle with its nigh sculptural quality.

The conception was honored as a Silver A’ Design Award winner in various crockery related categories.

Flame Stovetop kettle by Hakan Gürsu_2 Flame Stovetop kettle by Hakan Gürsu_4

Via: ADesignAward

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