Touch-Sensitive Nightstand with touch based lamp and motion controlled LEDs

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A few days ago we harped about the under-bed LEDs that automatically activate after sensing your motion. And, now we have come across another conception that will help during those pitch dark night sessions when you desperately need to go to the toilet.

We are talking about the Touch-Sensitive Nightstand by Tinkering Techie, an ingeniously contrived touch based lighting solution that is more ‘collective’ in nature.

Basically, the Touch-Sensitive Nightstand entails a conventional bearing with simple yet classy Mahogany woodwork. But there is more than that meets the eye with the integration of several inconspicuous electronic components. For example, there are capacitive touch pads hidden underneath the front and side edges of the furniture.

So, when the user taps any one of them for a single time, a night light (consisting of RGB LED) gets activated. This small light is directed towards the floor, and can help you in showing the way to the bathroom.

And, if you want more illumination, you can simply double tap any of the three touch pads. This results in the activation of the main lamp kept over the nightstand. Turning off the lights also need single and double taps, respectively.

Touch-sensitive Nightstand Furniture_2

The ambit of convenience however doesn’t stop there. Lighting in the form of RGB LED is also integrated inside the drawer space. All that the user needs to do is just open the drawer and voila; the LED gets automatically activated with the help of a magnetic reed switch (that senses the drawer motion). Consequently, the simple closing action of the drawer switches off the light.

All of these LED components are regulated by an Arduino FIO board, while the conventional lamp is controlled with a PowerSSR Tail connected to the wall outlet. These mechanisms are unobtrusively hidden behind the Touch-Sensitive Nightstand, along with the paraphernalia of wires kept beneath the top panel.

Touch-sensitive Nightstand Furniture_3

Finally, the best part is – the nightlight and the drawer light are actually backed up by a 1000 mAh Lithium Ion Battery. So, even during those dastardly instances of power outages, you can coolly search for your flashlight by just opening the drawer and smiling.

Via: TinkeringTechie

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