Florence Infuser Decanter showcases your culinary skills, in creating food art

Florence Infuser Decanter by RD1studio_1

Evocative, fragrant and compelling – Dale Rorabaugh is back once again, this time with another of his redolent infusing mechanisms. Christened as the Florence Infuser Decanter, the contraption is aptly described as the means to your “culinary adventure”. How so? Well, the elegantly crafted vessel allows you to concoct a range of fusion and aromatic ‘solutions’ like cocktails, wines, herb oils, lemonades, tea and coffee preparations. Additionally, the setup also works effectively as a decanter for your home-brewed spirits.

The working scope of the Florence flask (made from special Borosilicate glass) is pretty straightforward – it helps in naturally extracting the chemical composition and flavor from any type of herb (or plant) that is kept suspended in a fluid solvent inside the vessel. In essence, the solvent captures the delightful flavor from the suspended ingredient; and so, you can use fluids like oils, wines or even just water for the absorbing effect. In other words, you can customize the solution in accordance with your culinary creativity – with various combinations like wines infused with fragrant flowers or teas infused with aromatic verdure.

Florence Infuser Decanter by RD1studio_2

However, your personalized experimentation with the different infused solutions is just one side of the coin. The other side hints at visual flair, with the Florence infusion vessel flaunting its own LED system (as is Rorabaugh’s trademark). Contained within an aluminum disk at the bottom, the diffused light emanating from the zone can illuminate your creation in a myriad of impressive manners – thus transforming it into an artful (yet customizable) decor item that cogently adorns your dining table.

This multifarious aesthetic angle is further complemented by the incorporation of special stainless steel skewers. These skewers can be primarily used to hold together the ingredients (like herbs and fruits) inside the vessel, which endows the food art with an impact of solidity. And, in tune with the aforementioned ‘avant garde’ flair, the handle of the steel components exhibit their whimsically-devised curled shapes for the overall jovial effect.

Finally, as for the commercial side of affairs, the Florence Infuser Decanter is currently going through its Kickstarter campaign. Exclusive pricing starts from $45, for the whole set of Infuser Decanter, LED aluminum disk, 3 skewers and a cork.

Florence Infuser Decanter by RD1studio_3 Florence Infuser Decanter by RD1studio_4 Florence Infuser Decanter by RD1studio_5 Florence Infuser Decanter by RD1studio_6 Florence Infuser Decanter by RD1studio_7 Florence Infuser Decanter by RD1studio_8 Florence Infuser Decanter by RD1studio_9 Florence Infuser Decanter by RD1studio_10

Thanks for the heads up, Dale Rorabaugh (from RD1 studio).

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