Rubik’s Safe might just be your ‘safest’ bet to hide the petty cash

rubik's safe


In our previous trysts in the field home safety, we have come across safes that are gorgeous yet durable and safes that are odd yet inconspicuous. The Rubik’s Safe ‘safely’ belongs to the later category, given its (intentional) similarity to what might be the world’s best selling toy.

Of course, this essence of familiarity is what makes the Rubik’s Safe potentially effective. From the perspective of a burglar, a toy puzzle is the last place you would search for valuables and cash. And that is exactly what the Rubik’s Safe offers – a snug yet safe haven for those precious trinkets and greenbacks.

And, in tune with the working scope of the 80’s toy, the Rubik’s Safe can be unlocked by a subtle twist-and-turn motion – that simply opens up the top part. The combination is easy to remember, while the internal space equates to a volume of 729 cubic cm (or 44 cubic inches), which is good enough for the smaller-sized valuables.

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