Forever Pillow adjusts to ‘eternal’ scenarios for your personalized comfort

Forever Pillow_1

A number of contemporary pillow designs showcase their technological credentials; some with their built-in speakers and some by forecasting weathers. But what about a pillow that is truly functional in daily encountered situations? Well, the aptly named Forever Pillow fulfills this niche with its simple yet multi-purpose advantages.

Touted as a design inspired by the vast possibilities of ‘eternity’, the Forever Pillow eschews the constraints of conventionality. This is quite evident from the band-like shape of the pillow, which according to the designers replicates the Möbius strip. On closer inspection, we can actually make out the flexibility of this surface and material that can twist and turn into various functional forms.

Forever Pillow_2

As the above image set demonstrates, the Forever Pillow has been created to cater to variant scenarios. The adjustable form factor plays its definitive role across a wide of spectrum of uses, ranging from a normal sleeping pillow, an easy back rest mechanism to a comfortable neck pillow and even an ergonomic feet warmer.

The usability factor however is not just limited to situation patterns. Made from eco-friendly Bamboo fabric (filled with 3M Thinsulate), the pillow is anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic and ‘silky smooth’ to use. The convenience of the scope is further complemented by its machine-washable quality.

Finally, coming to the commercial side of affairs, the Forever Pillow will be available in six chic colors; covering navy blue, taupe, apricot, off-white, grey and orange. As for pricing, the design has successfully undergone through its crowd funding stage in Kickstarter, with starting ‘early price’ tag of $39.

Carry Forever Pillow_6
Forever Pillow: Easy to carry
Forever Pillow in different colors_8
Forever Pillow in different colors
Travel with comfort with Forever Pillow_7
Forever Pillow: Travel with comfort

Forever Pillow_3 Forever Pillow_4 Forever Pillow_5

For more details, check out Kickstarter.

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