Nature au Carré’s tiles remarkably showcase real natural components

de leperviers kitchen

Earthy colors and kitchens do complement each other in very personalized, homely manner. Well, Nature au Carré’s tiles take advantage of this bucolic combination by a spectacularly naturalistic fashion.

Envisaged as a part of De L’Épervier’s Kitchen by Canadian designer Samuel Desaulniers, the tiles take the literal route when it comes to earth-oriented naturalism. How so? Well, the earthy tone of the kitchen tiles exhibit unique textures that really comprise of real natural components, like quinoa, rosemary and flax seeds.

These authentic materials are not just integrated for the gimmick or intangible symbolism. Rather they serve out their serious aesthetic roles to bring out the ‘raw’ organic tint of nature. The end result however is not limited to the sylvan scheme of things; the tile decor subtly plays out its elegance in a modest, unpretentious manner.

This is what the designer had to to say about the primary aim of his kitchen oriented project –

Our reflections around natural elements brought us to present the nature in everyday life’s environment, under its unique, raw and original form.

So, at its core, the Nature au Carré’s tile is all about the celebration of nature. And, the design ambit does so by treading the novel decor path of adopting natural components to enhance the visual scope of our home’s interior.

Via: Behance

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