MotoArt’s Twin Beech conference table utilizes real aircraft parts

motoart twin beech conference table

Every design studio has its specialization. Well, MotoArt’s specialization lies in utilizing real airplane parts for their classy table conceptions! In accordance with this remarkable design scope, MotoArt has unveiled their latest Twin Beech conference table.

The design utilizes parts of an authentic Beechcraft Model 18, a twin-engine aircraft that was introduced in 1937, and even saw military service in the Second World War. In this regard, the main component of the furniture comprises of two ailerons (a flight control device attached to the rear side of an aircraft’s wing) that manage to endow a sort of dynamic feel to the whole conception.

This is matched up by an heavy industrial look courtesy of the solid skeletal ribs, which is further complemented by the arrangement of turned aluminum under-paneling and mirror polished details.

In terms of dimensions, the conference table is 10 ft in length, while its tempered glass can be extended to 12 feet, so as to conveniently increase the seating capacity.

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