$250 for gold embossed toilet paper – is your butt worth it?!

$250 gold embossed toilet paper

In sociologist G. William Domhoff’s book ‘Who Rules America?’, an estimated figure suggests the top 1 percent of ‘upper class’ Americans own around a whopping 34 percent of the entire country’s wealth. And, as the rich gets richer, the products get more bizarre! Nothing epitomizes this balefully decadent trend more than the utterly gimmicky (yet ultimately trite) gold foil embossed toilet paper that comes for $250 per roll!

Manufactured by a Germany based company Tissue Design (headed by designer Fritz Loibl), the embossing comes in various opulent patterns, including – insignia designs, floral designs and animal designs. And, if you are feeling really indulgent and happy about for your precious ole butt, you can also get one of the ‘Happy Birthday’ adorned decorations.

Now at the end of the day, we do not know much about the disinfecting value of gold. But we can surely bet a regular toilet paper is at least as effective as its ostentatious $250 gold etched counterpart.

Via: Geekologie

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