How to Make Sure Your Dream Home isn’t a Nightmare Purchase

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You’ve finally found it! It’s your dream home, and you’re eager to close the deal. But if you’re also a little bit worried, you’re on the right track. It may look perfect on the surface, but many homeowners only discover the issues that need urgent attention after they’ve moved in. That these can be expensive and way more than you bargained for goes without saying. For example, problems with the structure itself can all-too-easily be covered up or simply aren’t obvious enough to notice in a typical home-viewing appointment. 

As so many people before you have found to their cost, a dream home may not be everything it seemed when they first toured the rooms and gave it the thumbs up. Do you have to take a gamble? The good news is that you don’t – and if you can put your finger on any shortcomings before you sign the deal, you can still negotiate or even back out. 

Get Your Own Home Inspector to Check Things Out

Even when all the necessary checks and certifications seem to be in place, it’s still advisable to get a second opinion before you commit to your purchase. If you’re an experienced home buyer, you might have experienced some of the possible pitfalls before. If you’re a first-time buyer, you need to know that basic inspections, while complying with regulations, may leave some rather expensive gaps for you to fill. 

What you need is home inspections that are conducted from your perspective – a service that answers the question “Will I really be satisfied if I put my money on the line and buy this house?”

Identifying possible deal-breakers may sound depressing if you think you just found the ideal place to call home, but discovering them after you’ve moved in is truly heartbreaking. Some of them may be expensive to address – others may be absolutely impossible to fix. Then again, the house you want to buy my just turn out to be exactly what you first thought it was – a wonderful place to live for decades to come. The important thing here is knowing for sure before you sign that purchase agreement.

How to Choose Pre-Purchase Home Inspection Services

Not all home inspection services are created equal. Before committing to a home inspection service, ask to see the checklist of items it covers. It’s a case of more is better: the more items you see on that list, the better your chances of buying a home that’s great to live in. 

The first, and most basic, requirement is that your home inspection service company should be licensed. Not all states require this yet, so be careful if you are in a state that doesn’t already have a licensing program. Once you know that your home inspectors will cover the basics, you’re looking for extras. What does this firm do over and above the norm?

Ask about the equipment used during the inspection. Some companies use high-tech equipment that gives them an edge over their competitors when it comes to spotting problems with buildings and their infrastructure. It’s also good to know the background of the company. Ideally, you should choose an established firm with a good reputation in your local area.  You also want fast results. If that dream house is everything it seems to be, you don’t want someone else beating you to the deal.

If you are able to find the right home inspection company to help you choose your new home, it’s a relationship that will continue over the years, so it’s worth doing your homework and choosing the best you can find. After all, even the most perfect home will need maintenance in the future, and home inspectors can help you to choose the right priorities for your budget when it’s time for repairs or renovations.

Buying a new home is a big investment. Take it seriously and limit risk by ensuring that professionals check out every possible detail.  Whatever the results, you’ll be glad you did.

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