4 Simple Ways to Renovate Your Garden or Yard

flowers in garden

The garden or yard of a home can often go overlooked and underappreciated. Though there are many garden-proud homeowners who mow their lawns every week and plant flower beds in the spring, most people don’t attempt making big changes to a garden or yard.

In this quick guide, we are going to look at four simple garden and yard renovations that anyone can make, and that can give your home a new feature for you to enjoy and maybe add some value to your property.

Landscape Your Garden with a Theme

No matter how big or small your space is, and how little grass or lawn you have, you can landscape your garden or yard to give it a beautiful and unique look for you and visitors to enjoy. Even if you have a paved yard, you can still use potted plants and other features to give your outdoor space a welcoming and relaxing look and feel.

Add a Fountain or a Fish Pond

If you want to give your garden or yard something that is really eye-catching as well as relaxing, then think about adding a water fountain. Many water features are easier than you might think to install, and many are self-contained and need no additional plumbing or water feed.

A fish pond can also be a great feature to add to a garden, if you can afford the expense of stocking the pond with fish and complementary plants. You can even combine water features and add a fountain to a pond. Remember to take safety measures into account if you have pets and small children. Ponds represent a drowning hazard and may need to be fenced off or covered with a strong mesh.

Build a Pergola

A pergola is a simple outdoor construction that creates a small and sheltered space to sit and enjoy the outdoors. 

The best pergolas use nature as one of their primary materials, by using fast growing ivies and trailing plants to form the roof and walls of the space, growing up and across wooden trellises. Don’t box yourself in, however. Just have plants growing up two sides of your pergola at most, and across the roof to let air and light in. You just want somewhere that offers you some shade while you enjoy your garden. 

Build a Deck to Make an Outdoor Living Space

Decks are very popular because they are so inexpensive but effective, and let you take some of the inside to the outside by becoming an exterior living space. You can dine and entertain outside on sunny days, and even enjoy them during wetter weather if you add an awning or veranda to give you some cover. They don’t have to be directly outside the home either. A deck placed at the edge of a garden, away from the home, can be a very attractive feature.

If you have bought a home with a garden or yard, then you have paid for the space. Make more use of it, and make it beautiful, with one of our four simple ways to renovate your garden or yard.

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