LG’s pioneering Futon Punch Vacuum Cleaner with unique “dual punch” mechanism

lg futon vacuum cleaner

South-Korean multinational electronics company LG has designed a highly functional vacuum cleaner to be used exclusively for dusting futons, duvets and mattresses. Although the build of the new Futon Punch Cleaner( model no. VH9201DSW) is somewhat unusual, it is packed with some really cool features, like : its powerful “dual punch” mechanism and the impressive UV sterilization function.


The suction surface of the vacuum cleaner contains “punch plates” that are capable of hitting the bed at a frequency of 4000 times per minute, both at their front and rear ends. Therefore it goes about the task of cleaning by “punching” the bedding for a total of 8000 times a minute to ensure proper removal of dust, dirt and other allergic substances from the surface.

The Futon Punch Cleaner is also equipped with a nifty charging-cum-UV-sterilization station. All you need to do is place the body of the vacuum cleaner at the specified spot on the charging station for 5 minutes after use. The suction port is then irradiated with ultraviolet rays, which in fact makes it sterile and ready for use, again.

The cordless vacuum cleaner is charged on the separate charging station after the disinfection process is completed. The wireless feature allows freedom of movement and more comfortable operation. The body is sloped at an angle of about 40° with the horizontal, while the rollers at the bottom ensure smooth mobility.

The cleaner is W20.0 x D41.7 x H26.7 cm in dimensions and 1.9kg in weight, while the station measures W26.5 x D30.0 x H21.4 cm and 0.9kg. The compact and ergonomic design of the Futon Punch Cleaner makes it easy to use and store.

This ITEA-tested and SLG Germany-certified vacuum cleaner is intended to be released by late February this year.  According to LG’s Japan website, the Futon Punch Cleaner will retail for about $390.

Via: LG

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