iDevices’ Kitchen Thermometer for wireless monitoring of cooking temperature

iDevice Kitchen Thermometer_1

iDevices, the app enabled product manufacturer has already struck the commercial gold with their iGrill, a pocket-sized BBQ thermometer with smart LED, proximity sensor, Bluetooth and magnetic mounting. And, now with the mega event of CES in full swing, the company has showcased their similar Kitchen Thermometer with iOS compatibility.

In that regard, the Bluetooth-enabled Kitchen Thermometer will feature many of the same nifty attributes as the iGrill. These include – presets for temperature, remote monitoring capability, iLP for checking the fuel in your propane gas tank, and the innovative proximity wake up sensor that activates the contraption based on the closeness of your connected smartphone.

However, as opposed to iGrill, the wireless Kitchen Thermometer will mainly cater to indoor usage. The dedicated iOS app also takes the social media route with accessible recipes, kitchen timers and presets. In other words, you can finally compare your cooking temperature notes concerning the exotic Passion Fruit Souffle with other like-minded gourmets around the world.

Finally, coming to the commercial side of affairs, the Kitchen Thermometer will be available in two models – the larger Kitchen Thermometer with two probes (for measuring two temperature sources simultaneously) will retail for $80, and the Kitchen Thermometer mini with one probe will retail for $40.

For more buying details, refer to iDevices’ product pages here and here.

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