Whirlpool gives us a taste of the future with their conceptual interactive cooktop

Whirlpool Interactive Cooktop kitchen appliances future

Ever imagined how the kitchen in Starship Enterprise might look like? Well, home appliance giant Whirlpool has provided us with a glimpse into the future of cooking, with their conceptualization of an interactive touchscreen cooktop at CES 2014.

The mock-up of the company’s revolutionary vision entails a smart set-up with an assortment of connectivity features with the outside world. This means the expansive cooktop will display recipes, social media updates, news, weather and online feeds.

The cooktop system will obviously comprise of a giant touchscreen that allows the user to interact and navigate from every portion of the surface. This gargantuan screen will presumably fetch all these images from a nearby connected tablet or smartphone.

Now if you could use your imagination, this means – the recipes and cooking procedures will be gloriously displayed alongside your pots and pans. And, we can stretch our reverie a bit, the advanced ambit will also encompass special responsive features to voice commands and the ability to change your preferred music (which is wirelessly streamed).

As for the core function of cooking, the cooktop will surely exhibit induction credentials. This will allow the top surface to remain cool (for touching and interacting), while only heating metallic components, like various cookwares. Interestingly enough, such type of cooking mechanisms are already available in the electronic realm.

So, at the end of the day, the Whirlpool interactive cooktop is all about the technological evolution of kitchens with collective advancement. Of course, one shouldn’t get carried away with the innovative scope, given the proposal is still in its nascent conceptual stage.

Via: DailyTechWhip

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