Nuheat SIGNATURE thermostat allows you to control floor temperature via WiFi

Nuheat's WiFi Floor Heating Thermostat_1

Remote access to a home’s thermostat might not be the novel technology it once was. However, remarkably controlling your floor’s temperature with a remote controlled thermostat is surely still unique in its scope. Well, Nuheat has announced its plans at CES 2014 to commercially introduce North America’s very first floor heating thermostat, which can be regulated via WiFi.

Designed by the collaborative OJ Electronics, the product is christened as the Nuheat SIGNATURE. Its simple working scope entails the wireless controlling of the smart thermostat’s settings via a dedicated smartphone app (compatible for both iOS and Android devices) or a web browser.

In other words, the homeowner will have complete control of the various functions, all of which can regulated from the convenience of the smartphone interface. These functions include – temperature changing, scheduling and access to energy usage pattern.

Nuheat's WiFi Floor Heating Thermostat_2

The improved usability scope is bolstered by the Nuheat SIGNATURE’s assortment of attributes. The WiFi thermostat itself flaunts a glistening rectangular frame with an acrylic overlay, with a 320×480 pixel color backlit LCD touchscreen.

This svelte form-factor is complemented by features, like – weather display, 7-day programmability, safe temperature limitation for tile and stone flooring, intuitive usage pattern, built-in sensors and a clock mechanism with automatic daylight savings.

As for the consumer’s interest, the Nuheat SIGNATURE is expected to make its commercial splash by spring of this year, with a retail price of $265.

Via: TileLetter

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