IKEA shelter – Credible temporary housing solution in emergency situations

ikea shelter

With the recent tragic episodes of North Indian flash floods, we are once again reminded of the conscientious need for credible temporary housing solutions in emergency scenarios. In this regard, we have fortunately come across an outdoor shelter design from none other than the exalted IKEA.

Conceived by the IKEA Foundation, the core design language of their shelter follows the same pattern as their world famous furniture items. This intrinsic scope entails a ‘flat-packed’ shelter which doesn’t require external tools for the arrangement of the structure, thus saving precious assembling time. And, since we are talking about structural credentials, the outer shell of the IKEA shelter is made from hard panels that are sturdy enough to mitigate strong winds and other external conditions. In fact, the designers already tout – the shelter is to be six times more hardy than conventional emergency tents.

The solidity of the outer walls also provides the much needed privacy to the survivors. This is essential from the psychological perspective, as people do need a ‘personal’ refuge which segregates them from the traumatic environment. And, if you thought all of these features were fastidiously thought of, the IKEA shelter also notches up on its sustainable credentials by integrating solar panels for zero-carbon electricity generation.

The emergency shelters are now currently undergoing trials in Lebanon and Iraq.

Via: DesignTaxi

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