Ro Table – A deftly designed table that allows us to work while standing

When it comes to the scope of a table, the furniture in its generalized design form caters to our seated positions. However, the Ro Table from Polish designer Marta Szymkowiak has traversed this functional ‘barrier’ by also allowing us to work in a standing position with its transforming parts.

This is certainly a good news for the numerous designers and architects around the globe who have difficulties while drafting and sketching on conventional tables. In this regard, the functional extension of the Ro Table is a hollow rectangular structure at one side of the conception.

This structure can be moved to various positions (around the edge of the table) for different dynamic working postures while standing – like resting your elbows or keeping your laptop to an easy operating height (see the images).

The practical scope of the Ro Table however doesn’t stop with helping people work in their standing postures. The unobtrusive shape of the design also makes it a perfect accompaniment for conferences and meetings (where two tables can be joined together to form a singular structure). Moreover, the furniture item is provided with small recesses on its surface.

The paraphernalia of coils and wires from the computers and laptops can be hidden beneath these ‘holes’ while being ultimately connected to an electrical outlet extension, which is kept safely in the aforementioned side hollow structure. So, at the end of the day, it is all about the flexibility of usage that is improved by the transforming and hidden parts of the Ro Table.

Via: DesignedForPoznan / Product Page

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