Impressive Household artifacts made from Car Parts

Impressive Household artifacts made from Car Parts

Are you nuts over cars?  Would you like your home to feel like you were on an endless ride? This is quiet possible as here is a collection off amazing car paraphernalia, especially made to fit into homes.

From amazing wash basins made from car tires, to lamps made from old car horns, and pistons used as plant pots, coffee tables, and barbecue, there is an unbelievable range of artifacts just for your home. Take a look.

Land Rover Defender turned into barbecue_1

Gear stick used as Toilet flush_2

Swing made from a car_3

Old Jeep Grille turned into Wall light_4

Car jack turned into coffee table_5

Table made from tires_6

Spark plugs turned into key hangers_7

Mercedes 8 Coupe bed_8

Plant pots made from pistons_10

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